Bamboo 5 Piece Cloth Pad Set - Purple Swirls

Bamboo 5 Piece Cloth Pad Set - Purple Swirls

Introducing the Cloth Mama 5 piece bamboo sanitary pad set. This set has a selection of absorbancies so is perfect if you are thinking of trying reusable pads or simply adding to your collection.

Each set comprises:

1 x panty liner/light flow pad. This is for lighter days at the beginning or end of a period.
2 x regular/medium flow pads. These are for an average flow period.
1 x night time/heavy flow pad. A longer pad which works well for night time use and heavier days.
1 x small wetbag. This can be used to store clean or used pads.

The pads comprise of the following layers:

- Bamboo top layer. Bamboo has many advantages, it’s extremely soft so is easier on sensitive skin and also provides superior absorption.

- 2 Microfibre middle layers. (The pantyliner only has 1 layer of microfibre)This material provides great absorbency.

- Printed PUL water resistant bottom layer. This last layer stops any leaks providing piece of mind whilst being light enough not to notice it’s there.

Pantyliner - 19cms (7 1/2 inches)
Regular Flow Pad - 22cms (8 3/4 inches)
Heavy Flow Pad - 27cms (10 3/4 inches)
Wet Bag - L:18cms (7inches) W:14 cms (5 1/2 inches)

Please note all measurements are approximate and patterns can change due to the cut of the fabric at the point of manufacture.

Use and washing care

The liners can either be soaked in cold water immediately after use or placed in a wet bag. If the liner hasn't been soaked in water I recommend putting on a rinse cycle before washing. Then they can be washed on a normal wash up to 40C without fabric conditioner as this affects absorbency. They can then be hung to dry or placed on a very low heat setting in a tumble dryer.

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