Extra Large Wet Bag - Baby Dinos

  • Extra Large Wet Bag - Baby Dinos

This extra large wet bag is a fantastic addition to any ethical parents home. It can be used to store a number of items including reusable nappies (it can hold approximately 15) and cloth sanitary pads. It can even be used to store damp swimming items and gym/sports clothes.

The wet bag measures approx 70cms by 40cms. It has two zip fastening compartments which are both lined with PUL fabric which is designed to hold damp items. The bag can be used to store used damp items in one compartment and dry clean items in the other compartment. It also has two strong handles so the wet bag can be hung up.

The wet bags can be washed at 40 degrees in a washing machine and hung to dry. Tumble drying is not recommended. It can be washed with nappies but i would remove the nappies from the wet bag first. Please wash the wet bag alone on the first wash to allow for any colour run.

Please note this wet bag is water resistant and not completely waterproof. The PUL fabric is waterproof but the stitching holding the bag together is a stress point so will leak if extremely wet items are placed inside. This is why i would recommend not presoaking nappies before placing into the wet bag. Though the wet bag holds damp used nappies very happily.

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