Cloth Mama Sanitary Pads

How do you wear the pads?

The pads come with wings just like some disposable pads do and fasten with a popper underneath. All Cloth Mama's own pads are worn pattern down.

How many pads will I need?

This will change from person to person and will depend on how light or heavy your period is. It also depends on how often you plan on washing them. You could wash them mid cycle so would need less pads or if you have more pads you could just do one large wash at the end of your cycle. Most people start with a days supply (approx 6) and add to them as they work out which absorbency and length is more suitable for their needs.

There are many different pads, which one is right for me?

The pads come in different lengths and absorbencies. Panty liners are small so can be worn as every day pads or a light flow period. Regular flow pads are just that. They are great if you have an average period. Heavy flow pads can be for a number of different uses. They can obviously be used for a heavy period but can also be used at night due to the shaped back which gives extra security when laying down. They can also be used as post-partum pads as they have a high absorbency and the extra padding helps to support the perinium.

Which material is right for me?

I offer two types of pads. Charcoal and Bamboo. The first is charcoal which is black in colour and has a fleecy feel to it. Bamboo is white and is known for it super soft feel. Both types of material are equally as absorbent in my experience, it's all down to personal preference.

How do I care for and wash my sanitary pads/breast pads?

Storage: There are a few different ways that pads can be stored after use. There is no right or wrong way to store them. Again, whatever works best for you. You can rinse the pads in cold water straight after use and store in a wet bag or container until ready to wash. Or you can not rinse them and place the pads into a wet bag or container until ready to wash. Rinsing may help if you don't want to wash the pads for a while or you would like to reduce stains.

Washing: After storing the pads they can be placed directly in the washing machine (no laundry bag necessary for sanitary pads but I would use one for breast pads to keep them together) on a 40 degree wash. Any detergent can be used but fabric conditioner isn't recommended as it can affect absorbency over time. Hanging the pads to dry is best but they can be tumble dried on a very low heat setting only.

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